Christ visits the Americas

Christ visits the Americas

Friday, February 14, 2014

1 Nephi 2:18

"But, behold, Laman and Lemuel would not hearken unto my words; and being grieved because of the hardness of their hearts I cried unto the Lord for them."

Because of the harness of their hearts and being stiff necked they could not understand Nephi's words. Nor did they care to understand them.

Nephi was sorrowful for them. when one has possession of a great knowledge which will bring eternal joy and others don't want to accept it, there is a feeling much like heart break. By wanting others to have the same knowledge and same joy in a great and merciful God we do all we can to help them receive it. And feel real grief when they don't accept it.

And as Nephi always reminds us the first thing to do is to pray. This again, opens the pathways of communication with our Heavenly Father. This was He can give us specific knowledge and help needed. Including that of perhaps the softened heart of one who is dearly loved.


#Laman, #Lemuel understand Nephi not, For-for? Heart blocked, not want understand God. 

#Nephi himself depressed for brother++. Happen person have know great things, help receive forever joy. Share want. Others find understand can. Try help other find accept. Happen accept not, grief, heart-rip. 

#Nephi always remind, Cl;list thing first, pray. Help communicate with God. Know help people them how? Holy Ghost guide will. 

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