Christ visits the Americas

Christ visits the Americas

Thursday, April 3, 2014

1 Nephi 3:8

"And it came to pass that when my father had heard these words he was exceedingly glad, for he knew that I had been blessed of the Lord." 

Lehi was overjoyed that Nephi would hearken and listen to the Lord and to His will. He recognized in Nephi a faithful follower of God, a man willing to do all he was commanded. The blessings of God lay on Nephi, giving him the strength needed to follow and do all that was asked. Here we see all we can become if we follow the Lord diligently. We can become like Nephi and find faith to follow and endure to the end.

Lehi happy, why? Nephi listen Lord will. Lehi see Nephi, himself, faithful follow God. Willing do thing CL:list God inform command.God His blessing give, who? Nephi, give strong need follow fsh thing ask do. We become same Nephi can. How follow God eager. We endure end can.

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